Call for Presenters SILC Congress 2017

SILC Congress 2017 will take place in Phoenix Arizona
from Tuesday, January 17 to Friday, January 20. SILC
Congress brings together council members, staff and
leadership from State Independent Living Councils
across the country.

This call for workshop proposals offers you an opportunity
to share your ideas, knowledge and expertise with your
colleagues in the Independent Living movement.

The Program Committee invites you to submit proposals
in any of the following areas:

  1. Long term planning for SILCS: succession planning, program development, Etc.
  2. Efficient SILC operations: staff development, HR functions, payroll, effective policies and procedures, Etc.
  3. Lessons learned from the 2017-2019 SPIL development process.
  4. Maintaining and improving relationships between your SILC, CILs your DSE and VR.
  5. Other proposals related to the SPIL process.
  6. Achieving greater geographic, cultural and racial diversity on your Council.
  7. Innovative approaches to conducting community forums, public hearings and needs analysis in rural communities.
  8. How to insure the independence and autonomy of your SILC.
  9. SILC 101; the basics for new SILC staff and council members.

The Program Committee will consider proposals focusing on other topics of importance to SILCs as well.

Important Information for Presenters:

  1. Presenters and facilitators are not exempt from registration fees. Presenters must register and pay for all days they plan to attend; presenters that attend only their session and no other events do not need to pay.
  2. SILC Congress is unable to pay travel expenses or honoraria to any presenter or facilitator.
  3. Proposal submissions must be made by completing the online form found on www.silccongress.org. Proposal deadline is 11:59pm Eastern on Friday, September 16, 2016.
  4. Conference sessions are expected to run for 1.25 hours.
  5. Presenters should design the content of their sessions so as to encourage interaction from the audience and allow ample time for questions during your presentation.
  6. Our attendees expect, and learn best when provided with print outs of presentation slides and relevant handout materials. To increase education and the application of concepts, we strongly encourage presenters to provide handouts.
  7. Individuals selected as presenters will be notified in late September.

Insuring the full participation of all conference attendees is important to the SILC Congress Planning Committee. This includes the provision of all materials distributed at the conference in alternative formats. In order to insure this is possible, presenters are required to provide all materials they intend on using and distributing during their session to the Presentation Committee no later than December 1, 2016. These materials include any documentation you plan on distributing to individuals who may attend your session as well as your PowerPoint slides. Materials should be emailed to larry@azsilc.org no later than December 15, 2016. The Arizona SILC will take care of converting materials to accessible formats; you need only submit them in Word or PowerPoint formats



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