Call for Presenters

This call for workshop proposals offers you an opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge and expertise with your colleagues in the Independent Living movement!

We are trying a new format this year where the workshops below will be presented in a SILC Peer Panel with at least 3 members.  We are looking for different perspectives on how SILCs of different sizes and structures perform the tasks below.  The SILC Congress board will choose the participants of each panel.  The Committee invites you to submit proposals in any of the following areas:

  1. Marketing your SILC
  2. SILCs and Systems Advocacy
  3. SILC Advanced; fiscal management in a multi staff office or in a 1 staff office, board engagement, aspects of internal operations, IL Network relationships, operational structures, other topics.

Download the WORD or PDF document for more information and the proposal application.

The Path Forward to Greater Independence